Q – What products do you carry?
A – We carry a large assortment of quality dormatn ferns and wildflowers. See the Products Section for a list of products and prices.

Q – What are your shipping costs?
A – We ship orders mostly through UPS. We charge the actual shipping costs plus box/carton. See Billing and Shipping section.

Q – How does Strand Nursery Company affect the environment?
A – See our Environment section on how we care for the environment.

Q – How can we contact Strand Nursery Company?
A – See our Contact section on how to contact us. You can use phone, fax, or e-mail.

Q-Any growing tips?
A-The tip we most often pass on is: These plants are from the wild, think about their environment and then duplicate it.
A-Soaking your plants overnight or at least several hours prior to planting will do wonders for their growth. In the first year, keep them watered as needed. After they are established, they will need little care if planted in the proper environment.
A-Surprisingly, many people think ferns and wildflowers need full shade, that is not the case. Filtered shade is often the best, but many of our varieties can handle full sun. If you have a challenging area to plant, call our offices for help selecting the best variety of fern or wildflower.

Q-Any common mistakes?
A-The most common mistake we see is fertilizer. Do not use fertilizer on native plants. Although some exceptions can be made and there are some very gentle fertilizers, the common rule is do not use fertilizer. Fertilized ferns and wildflowers will look burnt and dried out but in fact it is a result of fertilization.
A-Another common mistake is planting them too deep. Most often the buds of ferns need to be just below the surface, and flowers only a few inches below the surface. For specific growing depth feel free to email us at info@strandnursery.com

Q-What are your best selling plants?
A-Our most consistent selling fern is the Ostrich Fern. The Ostrich fern that our company supplies is unique to us and our region. It is a true “northern” Ostrich fern. It has remained our best-selling fern throughout the years. Our best selling wildflower is the beautiful Trillium Grandiflorum with the Virginia Bluebells and Jack-in-the-Pulpit running close behind.