(picture on the home page is of the St. Croix Valley…our a little ways backyard!)

Strand Nursery Company strongly agrees that everyone must take a part in protecting the environment.
Each of us are stewards for the wonderful creation God has created!

Because of this, we never clear areas of ferns or wildflowers, but instead “thin out” these areas through a managed approach (collected on a sustaining basis).
This process encourages new growth and actually causes the plants to produce at a heightened pace because of the new space and increased nutrients for each individual plant.
In a few years time, these plant areas grow back thick once again.
This approach protects the environment and allows us to sell ferns and wildflowers year after year.

In addition to using a sustained approach to bringing in our plants we also perform “rescues”.
We often go into the woodlands prior to logging companies.
We save as many ferns and wildflowers from the damage that logging can bring.

Sustained collecting and rescues are part of how we strive to help our environment.
What else?
Well, in our beds and gardens we use natural approaches to weeding, fertilizing, and management of our acres of plants.
Using “helper” plants, natural fertilizers (like manure and compost), and using pond water for irrigation are just some of the ways we
try to learn and grow in our knowledge of natural gardening.

Strand Nursery Company is a licensed nursery (License # 585) through the state of Wisconsin (Wisconsin Department of Agriculture) and has been in business since 1897.